I Tried Thirsties New Cloth Pads for 90 Days & Here's What Happened

Thirsties Cloth Pads: Comfortable, Functional & Cute

I have been using cloth pads for over five years now and have tried numerous styles and brands, as well as home-made pads. I love using cloth pads. They are SO much more comfortable than disposable pads.
Allison, Kathleen, Kelly
Thirsties Warehouse

I visited Thirsties warehouse recently and was lucky enough to meet Kathleen & chat about product development. When she mentioned that they were working on cloth pads for 2021, I was so incredibly excited! Knowing how much time, energy & expense goes into creating a brand new product, I was not expecting to hear such amazing news, much less to see her pull out samples of what they had been working on! Seeing the samples was such a cool experience & I knew looking at them that they would be very functional to use. Of course, they were made with Thirsties prints, so they were super cute!

Liner Size (smallest)
I asked her if she needed a tester & she literally handed over a couple of the samples for me to take home. (I died) So after using them for a few months, I am happy to report that they're the best pads that I've tried.

These are a few things that I really loved about Thirsties Cloth Pads:

Comfort – This is probably the most important aspect to consider when choosing a pad. This is a pad you'll actually want to wear. It adds comfort. The organic cotton layers become softer & more absorbent with each wash.

Function – They do the job & hold up well. The double snap closure ensures the pad stays in place & doesn't twist or fold while you're wearing it. The organic cotton layers are very absorbent and each pad is fully lined with TPU which is liquid-resistant material. In my opinion, this combination is the one-two punch that makes these pads pretty much bulletproof when it comes to leaks.

Thirsties New Simple Pouch
It-factor – They're made in America. They're thoughtfully designed. They're better for your body & for the environment. They're covered in adorable Thirsties prints! What's not to love?

A few tips:

  • Try out the sizes if you're not sure which one is just right for you. In my opinion, the various sizes are great for different circumstances. For example, Liner for when I use my cup, Regular for daytime, Super for overnight & post partum. You can always get more once you've tried them out to see which combination works best for you!

    Sizes Liner & Super
  • Wash them a few times before deciding if they're absorbent enough. Just like cloth diapers, these will need to be “prepped” for full absorbency. That just means washing & drying them 3-5 times will wash away the oils in the organic materials until they are fully absorbent.

Liner & Super with a Simple Pouch
  • If you're already using cloth diapers, they're super easy to throw into your wash routine. If you're not using cloth diapers, you may want to get some wet bags or wet/dry bags for the bathroom. Simply rinse them before tossing them in the wet bag & wash with your regular laundry! Super easy & well worth it!

Perfectly packaged in reusable organza bags

Which ones are you going to try? They will be available on July 22!



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