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What would you say to her?

These photos are from the same day in 2016. Why does it feel like 100 years ago? Ruby was two weeks old & Elliott was two years old. We had just moved into this home two weeks before Ruby was born after a very tumultuous experience selling our home in Hattiesburg & purchasing a home here in Thibodaux. Needless to say: Things don't always go to plan, right? I majorly struggled with anxiety throughout my pregnancy. Caring for a "spirited" toddler through a high risk pregnancy brought me to the brink of insanity more times than I can count. As one may expect, things did not get easier once baby came home. My experience was very memorable. What would you say to her, if you could go back, as the mother you are now? Seeing these photos has the words bubbling up... 1. Your children are beautiful. They love you so much. There is no one on Earth that can replace you. 2. It's going to be different this time. As much as you know that, you don't know ye

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