What's in a Name?

What's in a name?

When people visit the store for the first time, they expect to see booties, bibs, binkies, frilly baby gowns, the works. Well we have a few of those things, but honestly, that's not the kind of store we are! Sorry not sorry! That being said, hearing people ask if our deodorants are for babies never fails to make me laugh. 

Well, why, you ask, did we settle on the name South Coast Baby Company? It says "baby" in the name! Fair point, let me explain. See, this is a family store. For whole families. And the name is a sort of tribute to my own family. To me, the name South Coast represents a family company because my family has had a business of the same name for generations: South Coast Gas Company. My family did get a kick out of the name. I love it. 

So while I do kick myself a little for having "baby" in the name, hopefully the community will notice that we have more than "just baby stuff". The intention of our company is to support families in the community, with a particular focus on new moms. 

Yes, we certainly have baby gifts, but we cater to all ages from babies on up. We have the best selection of high quality toys you'll find anywhere! We try our best to have something for every age and stage, including adults! We have natural products that anyone can use, such as reusables, non-toxic health items, and so much more! 

I personally would love to show you what we have to offer. See you soon!



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