We've Come a Long Way, Baby

First fb post

We signed the lease while our unit was under construction

It's been exactly one year since applying for LLC for South Coast Baby Company! I'm feeling nostalgic about all the nervousness and excitement I felt in those months leading up to the official opening. Between September and December, a legitimate business was developed, created, and started. It is no easy feat to start a business “from the ground up”. There are so many details to consider, decisions to make, risks to take, as well as restraint and responsibility to heed. 

First logo sketches

Why didn't this make the cut?
Designing the actual logo
What a whirlwind. We got the keys to our four walls and a door on December 11. We had a store on January 6! Lots of sweat and love went into this little store. Thank you to those who helped make it. It turned out way better I ever hoped it would.
It will never be this clean again
We had no idea that this experience would be so rewarding. Being able to connect with families in the community has been amazing and we hope to continue to do that. We appreciate all of your feedback and we especially appreciate when you give us the huge compliment of choosing to shop here and recommending us to your friends and family. After all, those are the very things that keep small businesses open and help them thrive. 

Now with a little experience under our belt, we have just as much or more excitement with the holiday season approaching. I truly think that our store downtown will be a game changer for our area's holiday shopping! It's going to be epic! Then I'm sure we'll come up with something fun to celebrate our first birthday on January 6!

People who start small businesses do it because they LOVE it. It's not easy. It's not quick. It's not for the faint of heart. I couldn't be more grateful for my experience so far. While it's been hard work, it's totally worth it!
Ready to open (January 5)

Thank you for welcoming us & continuing to support our business!

Thank you to those who've been here since the get-go


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