Feature: Strengthen our village to defeat the Anxiety Monster by Tressa L. Williams

Let's talk about our village...

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called The Beginning of Life: The Series (I would recommend it to everyone!) and one of the topics talked about that stuck out to me was our (American's) support system. We live in a culture where as mothers we are scared to get out and the only interactions with other mothers we have is social media... GUILTY! There is this beast I call anxiety that literally hinders me from gathering my own groceries from the grocery store! This is huge, Ladies! I don't know about you but when I MAKE myself run to the store to RUN in and grab a milk with my wild rambunctious two year old and my sweet boob monkey 8 monther I FEEL LIKE SUPERWOMAN! So why is it so hard to go? What are we afraid of?

I know that I am afraid of what people will think if my two year old is screaming in the basket because he wants to get out... I am afraid that the lady checking me out will think that I do not take care of my childen or love my children to the very best of my ability... I am afraid that people will think it is annoying that he is whaling for no reason or perhaps that I spoil him?


We live in a society that encourages us to worry about what others think of us... WELL, I am here to encourage you not to.

Next time you find yourself in public "struggling" with your little cuties stop and tell yourself, "I am a good mother." Truck on. I also invite you to support another mom. If you are in a public place and you see a mother struggling, tell her it's ok or ask if she could use some help. Imagine living in a world where mothers all supported one another. We could be that. We could kick our anxiety monsters together, one bond at a time. ANXIETY is Real ladies, the first step is acknowledging that the little bugger exist. Can I get an Amen?

Inviting all mothers to share their anxiety monsters... sometimes just talking about it helps. I also encourage mothers to offer support to other mothers. I stand for a village of support and love. If you are looking for such a safe circle join my Facebook group, By You Mommas.

Anxiety is a monster. We need to strengthen our village.


by Tressa L. Williams

Tressa is a bad ass mama of two under two. Armed with a passion for supporting women, she aims to about educate families about birth options and aspires to become a birth doula

Find her here!


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