Spring Gift Guide: What to Gift & Why

With Spring comes many opportunities for gifting! Whether it's Easter, birthdays, or showers, we have you covered. This gift guide is a nice start to great gifting along with why the gifts are appropriate developmentally. These are merely suggestions as we offer lots more options in the shop.


Newborn - Newborn gifts can seem tricky, because what do newborn babies even  like? They're new to the world and basically like milk and comfort (anything that feels like home). When they do start to notice things, it starts with sounds, faces, but also highly contrasting colors like black, white and red.

Gift ideas:
Modern Burlap black and white swaddle blankets $26
Bannor rattles $14+

Infant - Babies do so much growing and developing in their first year; it's unbelievable. There are a few notable milestones that they will hit in their own time: rolling, laughing, sitting, crawling, and TEETHING. Believe it or not, babies will do these things with little or no help from us. As long as their needs are met and all goes as planned, those milestones will come, in due time. If your littles are anything like mine, teething will be the cause of many swear words under your breath. It's a good thing those babies are so adorable!

Gift ideas:
Bibs $12-26
Silli Chews Teethers $10
Marley's monsters crinkle paper $10

Marley's Monsters Crinkle Paper

Age 1 - Babies are learning constantly and love to experiment with their surroundings. This age can bring so much joy. Babies are learning how to eat independently and communicate their wants and needs in a way that almost makes sense to other humans. By marrying learning with play, you're developing their love of learning early on.

Gift ideas:
Shape sorters & stackers $10-20
Indestructible books - rip proof, chew proof, washable books! $6
Takealong Shape Sorter
Indestructibles Books
Age 2- Around this age, it almost seems like a switch is flipped and your sweet little babe is suddenly a toddler. They're into everything. They're demanding. They will lose their minds completely at the literal drop of a hat. All I can say is: bed time is soon. Be kind to yourself. The days are long but the years are short.

Gift ideas:
Fill & spill - Melissa & Doug $20
Push & pull toys - Plan toys $25
Happy Puppy
Fill & Spill Purse

Age 3 - Ah, threenagers. These bundles of energy are coming into their own, figuring out how to function in a variety of settings, and trying all the things. They are figuring out the world and how they relate to it. They love doing all the things you do.

Gift ideas:
Melissa & Doug Cleaning Sets $20-30
Training Unders $15-20

Get them started young, am I right?

Age 4 - This age is all about pretend. They're starting to understand what fantasy is and they love to play and be silly. They are starting to assert their independence and it's healthy for them to have some of the responsibility they crave in an age appropriate way.

Gift ideas:
Melissa & Doug cooking sets $20-30
Melissa & Doug Calendar Boards $20
Dolls & Dollhouse $50-100

Perfect for ages 4-6

Age 5 - Children this age love to be included in organized tasks and crafts. It is the perfect time to hone in on their creative side.

Gift ideas:
Melissa & Doug Water Wows
& Sticker Books $5
Stamp Sets $10
Baby Lit Books $10

Age 6 - They're getting close to that age where nothing you do is cool anymore, Mom. However, I have never met a soul who was not delighted by Jellycat. They're quirky, fun and super soft stuffed animals. They're heirloom quality and wonderful.

Gift idea: jellycat animals $15-60



Age 7+ - Kids this age love to be entertained. Instead of video games, go for board and puzzle games. We have those you can play as a family as well as enjoy independently.

Gift ideas:
Suspend - Melissa & Doug $16
Plan Toys Balancing Cactus $10-30

Balancing Cactus

Preteens & Teens - Growing out of kid stuff, these guys and gals will appreciate thoughtful gifts. These smart girl cosmetic chemistry kits are super neat for your blooming scientist. We also have all natural and safe hygiene items, such as our Smarty Pits deodorant and reusable women's items.

Gift ideas:
Make your own Cosmetics $35
Glad Rags $15-22
Smarty Pits Deodorant $5-12

Glad rags reusables

Expectant Mama - Treat her to belly balm and a pregnancy pillow. She would love a gift card so she can shop at her leisure. Rub her feet, too.

Gift ideas:
Gift Card (any amount)
Brest Friend Pregnancy Pillow $56
LuSa Belly Balm $11
Ah, sweet sleep
New Mama - She will love our fresh baked lactation cookies and some organic balms. Feed her some cookies and let her take a nap. Definite winner! Our locally-made cookies are great for boosting your milk supply and they are delicious!

Gift ideas:
Pepper's Bakery Lactation Cookies $2 each
Boobease Nipple Balm $13
Milk Snob Cover $36

That about covers it! Still want to see more? We have lots more in store! I'd love to hear who and what you're shopping for this spring!

Happy Shopping!


Kelly is the owner of South Coast Baby Co in Thibodaux LA


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